Daan_VBI’m Daan.

I edit commercials, music videos, corporate films.
I also shoot.

Graduated in 2009 at Sint-Lukas, Brussels; as a Master in Audiovisual Arts  (specialized in fiction film).
Graduated in 2007 at Narafi, Brussels; as a Bachelor in Audiovisual Techniques.
Both with distinction!

Skilled in dry humour and storytelling! DIY-Attitude! Technically strong!
Former scouts leader. Speaks dutch, english, german, french.

Excellent knowledge of
– Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Studio (FCP7, Motion, DVD studio pro, compressor…), Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve, video codecs etc…
– Lots of video camera’s & sound gear. (RED, Sony FS5, Canon C100, Sony A7S, Canon 5D & more…)

I own a Sony A7S, Sennheiser ew100 G3 wireless set, a LED light & lots of accessories…

CLIENTS I worked for:

Filmklub Entertainment, Kreativfilm, Cream Pictures, GIP Media.
At Filmklub I worked as cutter/cameraman on music projects for: Miljö, Domstürmer, Querbeat, Brings, Telamo (Nino De Angelo, Truckstop, Ross Antony, FC Bayern…), Tobee, Schlagerkuchen, Norman Langen…

VRT (één, Ketnet), Samsung, Base, Partena ziekenfonds, Bank Van Breda, Belgacom, ING, Vlaamse Stichting Verkeerskunde, KVRI, School Is Cool, KU Leuven, Vlaams Architectuur Instituut, Palm Parkies, Rode Kruis, Stad Antwerpen, Flemish Government (Agency for Government Personnel), Live Entertainment, Mediamixer, New Impact,  & more…

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