De Wereld Van

TV-Show ‘De Wereld Van‘ (english: ‘The World Of’) is the first Celebrity-Docushow of Ketnet. (Belgian youth channel)
In 2014 I directed and shot 10 episodes.
Produced by Live Entertainment.

I followed: Milow, Koen Wauters, Showbizz Bart, Slongs Dievanongs, Nathalie Meskens, Sean Dhondt, Kenny Belaey, Bartel Van Riet, Veronique Leysen, Ish Ait Hamou.

Here the episode of Koen Wauters, a Belgian singer & Tv-Personality who races as a hobby:

And some Pictures:

Showbizz Bart Sean Dhondt Nathalie Meskens Koen Wauters